IRS Mileage Rate: Charity Miles


Driving your car to a volunteer activity puts you in a position to deduct those miles you drove from your federal taxes.  Driving your car as part of the volunteer work is also grounds for taking a deduction for those miles.

The IRS mileage rate for miles driven to volunteering or as part of the volunteer work is fourteen cents per mile.  This rate for the so-called charity miles has been the same for years now, even as the IRS mileage rates for business miles and moving have gone up.

Even though the government gives you a break on the miles you drive for charity, you cannot deduct the value of the actual work you do.  It’s totally charity except for the tax deduction on the miles you drive.

Driving your car to a family’s home to teach life skills is an example of charity miles you can deduct.  Providing clerical support to a youth organization is another example.  Volunteering at a pet shelter to walk the dogs or play with the animals is another activity which may include driving to get there.  If it does, then you can deduct those miles at $.14 per mile.