2014 IRS Mileage Rates

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The 2014 IRS Mileage Rates, which begin on January 1, 2014, are as follows: 2014 Business Mileage Rates For business miles driven, the 2014 IRS mileage rate is fifty six cents per mile ($.56/mile).  This is for any type of vehicle. For medical miles driven, the 2014 IRS mileage rate is twenty three and a […]

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The 2013 IRS Mileage Rates Announcement


It’s Fall, and that means the IRS will be issuing its annual updates for the upcoming tax season.  The IRS updates the mileage rate too every Fall, and it’s possible that there may be another increase but nothing is certain until we hear directly from the source itself: the Internal Revenue Service.  Last year, the […]

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IRS Mileage Rate: Charity Miles


Driving your car to a volunteer activity puts you in a position to deduct those miles you drove from your federal taxes.  Driving your car as part of the volunteer work is also grounds for taking a deduction for those miles. The IRS mileage rate for miles driven to volunteering or as part of the […]

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IRS Mileage Rate: Moving Miles


The IRS mileage rate comes in many forms.  It’s not just the obvious scenario, which is driving your own car for company business.  There are other types of driven miles you can deduct from your 2011 taxes and of course 2012 and so on. This deduction has been around for a while and seems here […]

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The IRS 2011 Mileage Rate: Medical Miles


You may think the IRS 2011 mileage rate doesn’t apply to you because you don’t drive your car for your company.  There are a few intricacies of the tax rules that aren’t widely known, so it’s worth finding out what they are in case you can save money on your 2011 taxes.  Here are a […]

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The IRS Mileage Rate for 2012


The IRS mileage rate for 2012 will stay at the raised rate of 55.5 cents per mile.  The business mileage rate was raised in the middle of 2011 and will stay at that elevated rate, according to the IRS. Raising the IRS mileage rate in the middle of a tax year is unusual, but 2011’s […]

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2011 IRS Mileage Rate


If you are doing your taxes right now for the year 2011, you may be using the standard mileage rate if you operated a vehicle for business, charity, or for medical or moving purposes.  Use the rate for 2011, even though it’s 2012 when you may be figuring your taxes. The 2011 IRS mileage rate […]

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